This Sushi Bar’s Color Scheme Is White Rice, Black Nori Paper, and Wasabi

This newly opened Japanese restaurant in Poznań, Poland is our idea of a thematic restaurant. The vibrant TOKYO TEY Sushi Store, designed by Mode:lina architekci, takes inspiration from the freshness of sushi rolls.

“The color scheme inspired by natural colors of sushi appears on the triangle pattern stripe and other branding elements, as designed by Anna Markowska,” the architects said. “The triangular motif can also be spotted on the illuminated counter with a white steel truss and bright ceiling lamps situated above.”

The generously-sized glass facade illuminates the space too. And it allows passers-by to take a sneak peek inside. The concrete flooring texture and the exposed aluminum pipes on the ceiling give the place an original industrial-style vibe that’s unfettered by the glass table tops and thin metal legs. Everything is so well thought out, even the colorful juices in the sushi case seem to match the color scheme.

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